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It was ten am when the foam hit the brim of the glass of his first beer
He meant to call into work that day but he didn’t get quite near
the phone he’d dropped on the side of a road the very night before
In a haze of pills, and bud light thrills that left him passed out on a stranger's floor

Now it’s hard to say how he got here, hard to say’s quite true
Told me he was born durin’ some world war to a mom he never knew
Said he grew up kinda mean, and that he ever gave two shits
As he continued his drinkin, and smokin’ a cigarette

Hey mister Pike, get out of my bar
You can stay until the lawyers come to smoke up their cigars
I laugh cuz your rediculous and borderline bizarre
Hey mister Pike, get outta my bar

he swore he once used a switchblade to sever rabid bear
when he got ditched on a campin trip by some bastards that didnt care
he was not quite yet a teen, but pretty much a man
and if there is such thing as a guy upstairs it was all part of the plan

He started yellin bout the president and how the whole damn thing's a mess
kids these days are a bunch a punks that ain’t got no common sense
Computers have fried our minds, and there’s no hope anymore
but the only thing that he still likes are the big fat-tittied whores

Hey mister Pike, get out of my bar
You can stay for a little longer, if you got cash or a credit card
I'm amused at all your stories, but your heads up in the stars
Hey mister Pike, get outta my bar

I cut him off at number 3, and his brow grew kinda wide
and he got all riled and wicked and spit in both my eyes
I grabbed his pint and with haste and might bashed it over his head
then he fell off of his bar stool, while his face grew kinda dead

then I tried to help him up and he slapped me in the face
called me a lunatic, a coward a disgrace
said he always knew I was a piece, and stumbled outta the door
and as I tried to justify myself, i yelled at him once more



from Y Los Lonely Hipsters, released April 12, 2016



all rights reserved


GARRETT T. CAPPS San Antonio, Texas

Phone: 210-317-0006

Email: garrett@garretttcapps.com


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